A downloadable game for Windows

Dragonblood: Book 1 was developed as an entry for a local game jam with a theme involving the triptych, an artform divided into 3 sections. The primary goal of the project was to develop a 3 piece generational story within the week long deadline, but partway through development the decision was made to consider this Book 1 of 3, future installments will arrive shortly to complete the narrative.

Join in on the beginning of a generational tale following the newlywed Shirley and James as they discover the strange goings on in the rural town of Galehollow. Optional content and character writing abounds in this brisk, exciting roleplaying game made in the shiny new RPG Maker MV engine!

Install instructions

After downloading the Dragonblood file(Dragonblood.zip), you will be prompted to extract the files. Click OK, and allow the computer to unpack the game. When the process is finished, click again on the .exe and the game should launch.


Dragonblood.zip 103 MB