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A heroine opens her eyes on any other day, and lives a normal life. But this is no ordinary day for Relia, a young girl at the cusp of joining Queen Vendra's guard.

Through the guidance of General Vera, journey to the Ironclad Mines, and prove your worth against the monsters tearing apart the land of Astotska!

Beware of traps on your journey, one never knows when something terrifying can lie just around the corner...

Heaven's Blade: Tangled Phoenix was made for a Game Jam that took place over the course of the past week with a focus on the Fear of the Unknown.

Install instructions

Double clicking on the provided .exe file will bring up a menu that will allow you to unpack and play Heaven's Blade: Tangled Phoenix.


Heaven's Blade Tangled Pheonix.exe 536 MB

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